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Free Printable Disney Education Activities: Spelling, Math,

Most educators will agree that if there is any way to make learning more interesting and enjoyable, will pay off in improved learning and better grades. Here is a way to spark interest in school work, lessons and content area: free printable lesson plans with Disney cartoon characters. I've compiled a collection of links for free printable lesson plans. Preschoolers and younger children will enjoy learning their reading, writing, math and spelling lessons favorite Disney friends.

Story problems are typically the least favorite kinds of problems for students. Stroy problems help children learn the critical thinking skills called 'application' and 'synthesis'. Children must apply what they have learned in new situations. They synthesize concepts to utilize in their own life. These free printable Disney worksheets provide valuable story problem lessons. Using applications from the Disney cartoons, children can explore story problems in an engaging, interactive way.

http://disney-stationary.com/disney-learning/ariel-spelling-worksheets.php What could be more fun than to learn spelling rules with Disney's LIttle Mermaid Ariel? Here are free printable spelling worksheets and lessons.

http://disney-stationary.com/disney-learning/subtraction-worksheets.php Subtraction can be difficult and dull. But not with these free printable worksheets featuring Flower the skunk from Disney's classic cartoon Bambie. Flick the courageous, inventor ant from A Bug's Life also has a free printable worksheet to help with take-away skills.

http://disney-stationary.com/disney-learning/time-worksheets.php Telling time is a another Learn to tell time with your Disney friends from The Lion King, Bambi and 101 Dalmations. Three worksheets about telling time.

http://disney-stationary.com/disney-learning/money-worksheets.php Two free printable money math worksheets featuring Toy Story. Worksheets build general education classes are a waste of my money and math skills with cute interactive story problems based on the characters from Disney's Toy Story. Woody, Buzz, Slink and the gang will help young learners practice activities involving money: adding, subtracting and calculating costs.

To access your free printable Disney lessons, you must shut off any pop-up blocker utility that may be running on your computer. Remember to print 'green' by setting your printer preferences to 'fast' or 'fast, economical' from your printer menu. Your printer will use 50% to 90% less ink. Copies will still print clearly and nicely. Conservation of resources helps the whole world!

Workbook pages are a necessary evil in the world of teaching and education. Workbook pages are a permanent record for assessing a student's ability to translate what he or she has learned in written form. Why not print Disney worksheets for children to make learing as interesting as possible. Remember the old Disney maxim: 'Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down, in a most delightful way!'

For more free printable fun and learning, visit me at www.freeprintablelessonplans.blogspot.com and www.freeprintableactivities.blogspot.com !